Gavin Utu, the Cursed

Finally got around to fixing the images.

Gavin was a Matoran from the Southern Continent on Spherus Magna. He was pressed into service as a soldier by a faction of Toa Nobility mounting race war on the Agori. Gavin excelled in his brief training with the spear, so much so that he was assigned to train new “recruits”. As he trained them, Gavin was allowed to select his own unit. For several years, they fought against other Noble factions on their way to the Agori home village, and Gavin established a reputation for keeping his squad alive. He lost only 8 men in 2 years, standing out among the squad captains and earning himself a nickname; “The Blessed.”

When the army arrived at their destination and engaged the Agori, they were more than ready to fight the enemy. However, Gavin had gained too much of a following among the army for the command staff to trust him. They sent him and his unit on an alleged secret mission into enemy territory without backup. Gavin was the only one to survive. He escaped back to camp with the news of the slaughter, only to have his commander label him a rogue and a war criminal. He managed to escape their enforcement officers, but was captured but the Agori.

They kept him prisoner for a time, but Gavin offered to train them to fight with spears against the Toa and Matoran. Finally, they even allowed him to fight with them on the field against his betrayers, only to lose his entire outmatched unit to the Matoran.

Having lost his closest friends twice, Gavin left the war and found his way back to his home village, just in time to find his old “recruiters” plying their trade there again. Gavin fought them and killed them in front of the whole village, and, out of gratitude, they gave him a Toa Stone and appointed him to be their guardian. Gavin took up the responsibility, and began training a patrol unit to help him. Around this time, Nikolas Utu happened upon Gavin’s village and offered Gavin a place on the Toa Utu, which Gavin declined, though he did allow them to lodge in the village. While the Toa Utu remained there, a band of Dark Hunters raided the village in an attempt to claim the bounties on the Toa Utu and Gavin. They massacred over half the village before Gavin and the Utu could stop them, and Gavin lost his people again.

He now has joined the Utu after all, partially because he agrees with their mission that corrupt Toa should die, but partially because he believes he deserves to die for his failures, and that the Utu will eventually lead him to his death.

Gavin is incredibly skilled with a spear, both in unit based combat and as a duelist. He is the only current Toa Utu to have defeated Nikolas in training. In addition Gavin wears the Kanohi Intrask, the Mask of Inertia. With this mask, Gavin can control his personal momentum, allowing him to run faster, hit harder, and jump higher and farther. He wears heavy armor to compensate for his Kanohi use. Gavin is elementally a Toa of Lightning, but typically reserves his lightning powers for his most dangerous foes.

Gavin has become cynical and mistrustful, especially of his new teammates. He is afraid that if he allows himself to grow attached to them, like his village and his two units at war, that he will eventually cause their death. Perhaps, Gavin thinks, that he deserves such a fate, but his team does not. With that in mind, Gavin has sworn to protect his team at whatever cost. He has also taken up Jethro’s pact with Gideon to kill the Toa of Judgement should his Helm take control.

Gavin carries his spear with him everywhere, and his left gauntlet is equipped with a hard light barrier projector.

Eventually, I will probably make a topic with the updated versions of the current Toa Utu


I really like him, but he could use some more trans-red, maybe add another circle on his chest?

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I guess you can’t really see the red in his chest in these pictures… I will see what I can do! Thanks!

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Ohhhh, I see it now, I missed that.

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Dem thighs

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I will still find a way to get him a real heart light though. Thanks!:+1:

Love that shield!

He’s a 9/10 for me right now, he’d be 10/10 if you put tires on his elbows.

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Where on the tires, the upper arms? I am concerned about how much articulation you lose with that technique; is it still pretty good?

Yea, the Glatorian neck that makes up the joint.

You can get about a 90 degree out of them if you use the small, smooth ones. From my own experience, that’s still perfectly good for a wide variety of poses, but that’s just for me.

You could definitely try it out and see how you like it, because really that’s my only nitpick with him, he looks fantastic otherwise!

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Ok that’s good to know. I don’t suppose you know which part off Bricklink that is?
I am glad you like him!

i do like

Great color scheme and form.

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@IceBear bonus leg day bruh. :+1::facepunch:

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Not for Bricklink specifically, but it’s this tire:

It’s the 14mm one if that helps!

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Sweet, thanks! I will see if I can include these in my next order… in a few months Haha!

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Nice shaping, this is great

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I appreciate that, THANKS!

I really like how you used the colors.

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You can fix the pictures being turned by cropping the photos (just a little bit) and then reuploading them into the topic.

Like your other MOCs, I think this guy is pretty solid. The colorscheme is good, and the overall proportions seem pretty balanced (the forearms are a little too long IMO, but that’s kinda nitpicky.)

There are two places where I feel things could be improved upon:

  1. Color Blocking
    The colors themselves are good, but the color blocking is somewhat confusing. In some cases the white appears to but the base color with blue armor; in other spots, the white is on top of the blue. While somewhat subjective, in general MOCs tend to look best with their colors consistently layered, with one color as the base color and another color as the “armor” color that goes overtop. Then, over those two you have accent colors (which in this case is undoubtedly trans red, which looks pretty nice mixed with the blue and white).
  2. Textures
    This is something that affects a lot of people who have a mix of the old bionicle system and CCBS; the textures are pretty different from each other. Old bionicle has tons of greebles and pistons and technic holes to connect to the arms; CCBS is very smooth and has minimal connection points. In this case the only real issue I see is the body versus the limbs, with the chest being made out of many old pieces and the limbs being made out of primarily new ones. I would try to redesign the chest so that it uses smoother pieces that match the textures of the arms and legs; alternatively, you could add more greebly pieces so that the limbs better match with the textures of the body. I don’t think you need to get rid of all the old pieces, though; the Gahlok shields are pretty smooth, so they work well with the limb texture, as does the nuva armor on his knees and mata feet.

(Obviously both of these issues may revolve around whether you have the parts or not; if you haven’t yet, I would check out Bricklink if you want to get more parts.)

Sorry for going into full-out critique mode; I have a hard time pointing out what I like about MOCs over the areas where I feel there can be improvement. I think you have a lot of potential as a MOCist, so I want to try to help you grow in your skills based on what I’ve learned and heard from those better than myself.

Anyway, hope this helps.


These are both so good.

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I see what you mean about the color blocking. The torso doesn’t follow the same patterns as the limbs. I think I can actually fix that while improving the texture if the chest(if the parts exist, that is haha), so thank you! I did wonder, does the layering of the CCBS shells(on the forearms and thighs) help at all with the texture problem? I tried to get ahead of that issue with that technique. Let me know what you think!
Thank you for some practical comments!

@BlackboltJohnson Thanks! Really appreciate your work with CCBS, so that’s encouraging!

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