Gears Of War

Has anyone on the forums played it?

I've played the 2nd and 3rd games.

Which one do you prefer?
Personally I can't choose, I like the characters in the second one, but the combat in third beats all of them, I don't know, replaying Gears of War 3, the dialogue and jokes made me cringe at times, I don't like how Karen Travis wrote certain characters.

I've played gears 1, 2 and 3. I have judgement but I haven't played it yet.

played a bit but its not my cup of tea

Played some horde mode with my friends on three, and one mission in Judgement.

Gears of War is one of the greatest shooters ever heck it's one of the best game series ever it's just so good because it's way more than it would of been it could of been an average shooter but no because of the characters, the story, the soundtrack everything it really is amazing. My personal favorite has to be Gears 3 because it just had all of the best content.

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The thought Gears of War 3 was the best one as well, the gameplay was so polished and smooth, the story was good too. The only thing I didn't seem to like was the number of characters, there were too many and some of them got little to no screen time. Plus there wasn't really enough...fatality.

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Anyone seen this?

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I played Gears 3 a while ago with a friend. It was pretty fun.

IDK, doesn’t excite me too much. A lot of darkness. Doesn’t seem to be much else.

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The feels this trailer gave me. What do you think of it? Are you going to get Gears of War 4?

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Yup im gonna definitely get it

Its coming

Me and my brother have started playing the games and I’m still kicking myself for not getting into the series sooner. The story is great and the gameplay is fantastic. We’re on Gears of War 2 right now.

Gears has have pretty fun campaigns and multiplayer in general. The new escape mode is quite nice, although I can’t imagine anything topping Gears 3’s horde mode. I quite like the aesthetic of the Onyx Guards and UIR armor in the games.