Gekori, Toa of Water - Suggestions appreciated!

Uploading a MOC of mine for actual other people to view for the first time, so constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

Side view.

A view of her back! Probably the most detailed part of the build :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I realize that the pictures are blurry. I’ll take upload more focused photos later (and with better poses too).


I really like her, she looks very G1. As for names, maybe something like Gekori.

I don’t have any name suggestions, but I do think that the MOC itself is pretty good. I like that she’s not super complex but not really simple either. I do think that the legs could use a bit of work though, especially the upper legs.

Also, welcome to the Boards!

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Thanks! I was going for the G1 look, as G2 isn’t really my thing, to say the least. Gekori does sound like a nice name, so thanks for that as well!

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I took more pictures, with a better background as well!

A pose that reminds me a lot of Umbra, actually.

How casual.

Taking out a rahkshi!

And, walking away from her fallen foe.

Hopefully the pictures and background are better.


are you taking these pictures with a phone? If so then try taking them with your phone held horizontally instead of vertically. For me that usually puts my photos upright. (also I’m liking the way you armored the torso it brings a fresh but also nostalgic look to the ignika build)

Oh, I was wondering about that. Thanks!

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I would do something about the legs, but I really have no good ideas for custom legs for a MOC this size. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the feedback!

that looks pretty good