Gellan, Fallen Toa

Gellan was once a proud Toa of Earth. However, he was captured by the Skulls, and made their slave.

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Tell me what you guys think!


Hmm, interesting

Color layering/organization could use some work, but the build seems good, proportions are fine, and general character of the build is alright (though I feel it could be exaggerated a little more).


The only thing I can critique is that he needs a little more trans-red. Good job!

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I like the fore arms

One of my favorite MOCs you've made in a while, Spencer! I really dig the idea, theme, and even the story. As Chro said though, the layering needs just a tiny bit more work (namely the upper arms, since silver is below black, unlike everywhere else on the build). I feel as though the trans neon orange is nicely placed as well, and I really dig the design on this. It shows you put time, effort, and compassion into this. I hope to see you build more things soon!


how did you put the head on

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Man I really have to find something to use my orange Hua's on...

Those blue pins just kill me.

He looks rather nice, but as Chro said, he's kinda generic looking. Giving him some more defining features could potentially improve him quite a bit.

You failed to mention I saved this from being generic



... because you didn't?

The same way you put yours on :stuck_out_tongue:

Eljay? Why are hacking people's accounts?

Regarding the Moc, it looks awesome 10/10. Love the fact that it looks like he has molten lava within him


Come to think of it I don't remember if it was this MOC, but recently somebody in the MOCist chat made a generic black and silver thing, and I was a bit of a hypocrite and mentioned it. Said person proceeded to add some color to the MOC....but I don't remember which one it was :3

Ooh my I love the last picture. I also love the use of the LOSS feet on the forearms in the first picture.

....With a ball joint? It's just a normal 2015 head with a 2015 mask.


but the end of a mata hand nd a 2015 head have the same connector


stop using "......" and look at this

I still don't understand what you're saying (and I assume that @CommanderSpencer doesn't either)


Have you ever heard of Ball Joints and Custom Torsos?