Gelt, Protector of Chocolate Coins

This is another entry to Alieraah’s protector of junk food contest. If you can think of a name, please let me know.

His colors are brown for chocolate, gold for coinige, and red for the red net bags that chocolate coins tend to come in.

I noticed the open axles on the torso only after starting the pictures, and was to lazy to go downstairs and get some bushings. Yeah.

The body and arms are completely custom because I only had one protector torso which is currently being used on Sucker (two pictures below).

Yup, that’s about all I have to say for him. I do wish he had more brown, but I have absolutely no brown CCBS what so ever.

To quote Tony Stark, “We’re putting a team together.”


The concept is there, but the color distribution could be a bit better, namely in the legs.

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I would’ve loved to use brown on the legs, but I had no parts that would fit.

Apart from legs, he looks okay.

A basic for the name is moni tiakarete, which means chocolate coin in maori or you could just use moni for coin or tiakarete for chocolate

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The MOC looks really good overall, but it could use some more gold in the upper body.

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Call him Gelt. Gelt are chocolate coins used in Hanukkah.

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Now i’m hungry. Thanks.

You’re welcome!

I approve this MOC.:grinning::ok_hand:

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I got to say this looks pretty good.
Though the shoulders look weird.

Yeah, I couldn’t find a way to bring them in closer.

Um I like this thing. But it needs some work on those legs.

As previously stated, I’ve very little brown, and nothing that would fit on the legs, and still keep him protector sized.