Gelu, the tracker

nothing much here, just thought id give you guys on the message boards some content again.
this is my representation of ex-glatorian Gelu, a really cool character in my opinion.

so mayne will probably wonder what the hell is even going on, and heres my awnser.
i think glatorian/agori mostly build their armor out of scrap and stuff, old vehicle parts, old armor, all that, and sometimes, but mostly on primary glatorians you would see pre-shattering armor, high tech stuff from the GBs, stuff like that.
gelus armor is made up of that iron wolf pelt, the cheek armor is probably from some old vehicle, and the horns are metal plates with lower jaw fangs from the iron wolf.

i had the thought their armor would be pretty ceremonial and not only aimed at efficency, since killing isnt even the goal of an arena fight.

so yeah, tell me your thoughts please!



reminds me of WoW

either way he looks nice and cool

dear lord that looks cool

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count my like as like 15 likes

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you have really outdone yourself!


This is a really awesome drawing. Your work is generally spectacular. Keep it up!

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thank you! and everyone else!

Holy beans that's amazing!

It looks good, but personally I don't like it as Gelu. I kinda liked his swept back ice helmet, and also it feels a bit weird with him as an old guy.


But the art is still beautiful.

Very creative interpretation. I definitely like the idea behind it, and your illustration does a nice job at conveying that.

Though personally I would have chosen something a bit more dinosaur inspired to replace the wolf pelt. But it works considering his region so no real complaints.

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Consider this
Gelu and all other glats and agori are over 100.000 years old :y

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I'm almost freaked out by this... :stuck_out_tongue: