Gem-sona Discussion

Gemsonas for those who don’t know are Bacicly you as a gem like frome Steven universe. I am a male who likes the show and made a gemsona who is also male. I know all gems in the show are female ( well exept steven and the animal ones) but the crew has said that gems can be male female or animal it’s just that in the show Steven is the first to use a male form and maching pronouns leave a comment about your opinion of the show , gemmsonas or anything related


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Also, this shouldn’t become a general show disscusdion, as we already have that.

I don’t have a Gem-sona, but that does sound like an interesting concept.

I made one a while ago, named Fossil. Though I kinda forgot about it after I stopped being interested in SU.


@Miraku` it is. Ive made many ocs in cluding my gemsona! what I’m trying to say is that if you make a gemsona and enjoy doing it you can make more ocs or gemsonas

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Before Jasper was revealed (so way back before the end of season 1) I had a Gemsona which was a Jasper. He had two gemstones, one on each shoulder (again, at that tiem I thought that Gems with two gemstones are normal, not fusions) and his weapon would be an Iron Man-like suit (I really liked Iron Man at that time, and I still do). He was actually a human boy that got turned into a Gem as result of a process that I don’t want to write down.

I think I need to update him.

Ah cool
Here is the gist of mine
GEM: purple aura quartz
Cut: ovular rectangle
Placement: belly
Weapon: halberd
Personality: calm, collected,thoughtful and just a tad goofy
Abilities: terakenesis, energy reading minor shapeshifting
Dance: hip hop
Appearance/outfit: punk
Build: stocky/ slightly muscular
Status: crystal gem
Form: male humanoid w/ long spiky hair

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Should this really be a seperate topic? I feel this should stay in the Steven Universe topic. It feels redundant to me.

But I will say this: I am done with Gemsonas. I can never make them work. They either make no sense, tread into mary-sue territory, or come off as edgy. If I do anything with SU, it will be myself interacting with Gems.