Gen 2 feet vs gen 1 bionicle feet

I belive the tittle sais it all.
What do you people think of the new gen 2 bionicle feets design?
for me they are hit and miss, they look cool but it is hard to find use for them because of how they look underneet tried to use them as arm armor but had to add a little extra to hid the empty space in them (picture of said Toa that has that armor will be posted later)
either way I feel that the gen 1 versions you could use in more ways.
Though this might just be me lacking in

Well any way what do you people think?
Are Bionicle gen 2 feet desing better or worse compared to Bionicle gen 1 feet design can you use the new desing in more or less ways compared to the old one’s please share what you think down below.

P.S if the picture is to mutch then I will take it down so there wount be any need to block the post.
From Kazuma DoubleIce

I made this because after I made a moc trying to use the feet as armor I feelt that the feets from the older gen could be used in better ways. but I just wanted to know what you guy’s feelt I do like the new ccbs feets just thought that no one has really talkt about it befor and so why not talk about it.



Why does this Topic exist. :laughing:

I like the CCBS feet. They’re fine by me.


They’re just CCBS feet. I don’t really know why some people hate it.


Really, the only benefit with the G1 style feet from 2003 and beyond, was that they could be detached from the socket connector, meaning they could be re-purposed as armor or weaponry. Other than that, they aren’t much different from the CCBS feet.

I never had a problem with the CCBS feet. They are large, yes, but they’ve been used well, particularly with the advent of G2, and I’ve grown used to them. Great variety would be welcome, though…


I’m personally not a huge fan of the shoe-like CCBS feet. They’re not horrible, but they’re kind of uninspired and boring. The G1 variants, I think, are far more interesting.

The CCBS clawed feet, however, are great. I like them a lot better than the old piraka foot variants for how customizable they are(if not just for the aesthetic).

So uh, yes? Both generations have their ups and down with feet, IMO.


Okay. :smile:

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Eaither one is fine with me.Both are very useful, but if I had to pick one I would say G1, because of Nostalgia.

I think G1 had better feet. They could be use for so many different things on MOC’s.


I really don’t have much of an issue with the feet of either generations, but I will say that G1 had a greater variety though both allow you to customize and addon so as to make for different appearances and styles.


I like G2 for feet, and G1 for armor. :confused: yeah that’s about it for me.


I utterly despise the “clown shoe feet” aka the CCBS feet.

They look ridiculous, and I do not use them unless I have to.

Or unless I am making a clown.


I don’t have any qualms with the CCBS feet besides the fact that they have ball cups. I feel if they were axle connections they could be more versatile. I mean, I want to use them for back armor but I can’t because ball cup…

G1 feet I am more partial to, particularity Mata, Metru, and the toed Inika feet. Mata feet look great on a lot of things, Metru feet as well, and the Inika foot I love as armor and feet.

Also, premature self-defense. I know the Mata feet have ball cups too, but they also have axle holes, pin holes, and an area that clips can be attached too. Compare that to the measly few pin and axle holes on a CCBS foot.


Wish the G2 feet were more like classic Bonkle feet, but I think what we have is fine.


The Clown Shoes have been here for 5 years-strait. Move along with new feet, Lego please.


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I have 16 large beast feet, I have 36 clown feet mostly in silver. I have 26 small beast feet mostly in silver.
and that’s not counting my 2015 and 2016 build up sets. add another 8, 20 and 14 to the lot from those.
I want new feet…

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