GEN 2 MoC: Nuparu (Kinda low-budget)

''There was a villager here once. Half Stone-born, half Earth-born. When young, he loved to reverse engineer stuff, including a Protecter's gatling cannon, some electrical weaponry, and other forms of machinery. That interest evolved into a hobby, then into a career.''

''What was his name? Nuparu, I believe. Doesn't matter. What does matter, is that he had talent."

"He invented many things, but his pride and joy was the Dual-Volt Electroblade. Don't know how it works, but he says it solidifies electricity into a crystalline form."

"He also had a gatling cannon mounted on his shoulder like he was a Protector or something. He uses ammunition from both the Stone and Earth Reigons."

"Even without his armor- which also pays respect to his heritage- he's as intimidating as a Skull Grinder.

"We heard that he and a few other villagers went missing. A friend if his sad that he was off-island, 'finding a cure for Ekimu's sleep'. No one's seen him since. He may be just a villager, but in our hearts, he had the courage, wisdom, and strength of a true Toa."

So this is a Gen 2 Nuparu MoC, which I pretty much only made from the PoE/PoS sets, plus some from my 'ball pit' (a.k.a. my big plastic tub of Lego pieces).
Not that high of a budget, but I'm proud of myself.

Though Eljay might sue me for the amount of red and blue pins in its construction stuck_out_tongue

UPDATE: Changed the leg armor a bit, switched the direction of the gatling cannon, and lengthened the hilt of the Dual-Volt.

This time, in by bedroom.


The legs look a little awkward, but the weapons make up for that tenfold! great moc with a great concept.

The backstory/rationale is nice, but I will say that he looks a little silly because of how you basically took limbs from the two Protectors and attached them together with only minimal changes to the armor configurations, from what I can tell. Maybe no trans bones would help it look less clashy?


Coolio! I really nope people make more mocs of matoran as villagers!

As I don't have a proper photo-taking place, I use my bathroom stuck_out_tongue

No it cannot. Electricity is a form of energy and, owing to energy conservation, it can be changed into other forms easily. However in cooling, freezing, or in this case "crystallization", energy is lost as heat. When you freeze something you remove energy from it...ok i'll shut up now.

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Ever heard of "Bionicle physics"?



Yeah, they don't exist in Bionicle. How can a robot be 40,000,000 feet tall without having a moon stuck in it's gravitational field?


Height has nothing to do with how strong it's gravitational pull, mass does, and since nobody knows what the mass of anything in the BIONICLE universe is, we can actually assume that everything inside the MU has a low enough density that it doesn't attract larger objects such as moons.

Also, the GSR would have been moving around a lot, and if you just suddenly change your velocity, even if you have a very strong pull, you would most likely loose most of your satellites if ever you gained any.

There is theoretically a way to do it, but it requires me to explain too many things in too long a post for this topic about a MOC.

Basically, have you seen the way scientists were able to stop light for a whole minute?


No, but it sounds awesome

... and is also predominantly irrelevant


40,000,000 feet high, clad in inconceivably tough metal plates, and has an entire archipelago in it!

@Chro Yup, but it's still possible, that's all I was saying.

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead As so many others have said, when was the last time BIONICLE took regular physics tests?

Probably some time around 2002


Since the time before time.


Wowjustwow. Awesome. I can't English. Cool. :smile:

11 months later

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