Gen 2 MoC: Nuparu V3 (Slightly higher budget!)

The past version can be seen here.
How many times am I gonna revamp Nuparu?

So, I got a tiny bit of inspiration by watching some DrScorpionX vids, and I decided to rebuild Nuparu. Again. Gone is the PoE build, the Trans-bones, and the burn orange (abiding by @Ekorak 's wishes).
Behold, V3!

Front shot.

Back shot of obligatoriety.


Height comparison with the Master of Ice, Kualus.

I’m really feeling it!

You can now commence the hate comments.


I think almost everything about this MOC is great. The shoulder cannon is cool, the electric sword thing is cool, the use of PoS’ mask is nice. The one thing I complain of is the mixing of purple and trans-green studs for his cannon.

It’s pretty. I like how his weapon is connected by a tube.

I dislike how cluttered the torso seems. Connecting the two Protector torsos like that just makes his torso manage to be a mass of CCBS. I think if you limited that to just one added balljoint for the shoulder cannon, he’d be a lot more likeable. I also don’t like the “shelf chest” protector design (except on PoF where it works out.) Weapon is pretty cool though.

moc is nice,
I do not like how the chest is pushed out

As seen in the photo, I tried that. I hate how it looks.

And besides, I still don’t have a Black Size 5 CCBS shell. And the PoF doesn’t use a shelf chest.


Anyway, I personally like this MOC a fair bit, though the torso seems like a big blob of black. Beyond that, all I can say is ‘neat.’


Kopaka 2015 has the spear and the shield of a Toa Hagah.

Nuparu IS an Earth character, after all.


I’m not certain about the purple studs, but I like his bulkiness and blowtorch. Within the constraints of making a villager, this is well executed!


I hate this MOC, nothing about it is redeemable… :stuck_out_tongue:

No, this is a great MOC, with a nice, little build. Although the brown mask doesn’t go well, but I understand the intent behind it.


more budget
man I feel you


ok I am confused I typed something else not that but I do like the moc it is amazing

like, wut

it’s an injoke. Someone had Greg Farshty, the guy who wrote the G1 bionicle story, name one of the toa of ice on the Toa Mangai team. One of them turned out to be Kualas, who was sorta like the current Kopaka. I think that’s how it goes, someone correct me

I love it! looks awesome! 10/10!


I’ve since updated it (again!).

I don’t remember typing that exactly

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