General Beage

It's hard picking a theme for him so I gave him 2 :musical_note:

In the first line of revamped moc from 2013 is Beage.

Under the wing of Lord Altar, Beage is reborn from his betrayal. Don't mistake his mechanical appearance, it actually his soul projection psychical armor.

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I really like it. Does the arm-blade move, or do you have to take it out to put it into 'action'?

Which one?
The one with finger need to take out the blade and the other can't swivel.

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Ah, okay. I was speaking about the one on the left, but still cool nonetheless.

I like this, this looks really cool. I love the Neon-Green and Silver colour scheme. Good job! :smile:

Neat, I like the color scheme, the hunched physique and the weapons. Good job!

So he's a soul bonded to armor?

His soul created armor; It's like a projected mass.

Very nice design.
Good colors.
No real flaws.

I got to admit this is great.
But the mismatched upper legs look weird.