General Grievous (Edited: Redesigned)

I own the CCBS General Grievous sold by lego, but I found him to be a bit too… thick and bulky. I’ve made an attempt to create a better build for Grievous. Let me know how this is. Edit: This is a redesign of the figure, the original photos will be posted in a reply to this topic. Feedback appreciated and encouraged.

Lightsabers are held, but not connected.

Rubber parts are still integrated into the feet.

Fixed the lower right saber’s red axle, replaced with black axle.

Cape remains unchanged. Unfortunately, the only cape I own is the Furno XL cape.

Hopefully these changes improve on the figure’s design. I can’t quite make a 100% accurate version, due to my piece limitations and, with you know what going on.


much better proportioned than the actual set, well done!

Incorrect. One cannot be too thicc.


Hello there

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Jokes aside, he looks pretty cool, though the feet definitely look way to big, but I do see what you were going for.

Now, I’m not sure what to say. In terms of looks, the set looks better IMO. If you really want to know what I think, there you go:

The torso really lacks ribs and, like in the OG set, the organ sac is almost non-existent.
The feet are oversized, especially with all the skull spider legs in the back, they look stuffed in.
The 98603 chest armor pieces as shoulder armor don’t offer a proper covering, leaving many technic pieces exposed and sticking out.
The cape is way too small, making him more stubby-looking rather than menacing.
Maybe that’s just me, but the simple CCBS bones and shells used on all the limbs don’t do it.

My suggestion would be to look a bit more into source material, and make it more accurate.

Or even check some other MOCs:


I hope all this is helpful in some way.

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Dang, the rubber pieces on the feet were a great idea! I love that you were able to make a crawler mode too!

A fine addition to any collection, this MOC would be.

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Here’s the old photos

OMG! Whose moc is that?

And just for fun, here he is smashing Onewa’s head into the ground.

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Just click on the images. They’re links.