General Grievous Revamp

Gender: Male
Species: Kaleesh
Fine Additions: Many
Pieces: 132 (+1 cape)

75112 General Grievous was a really cool set and an awesome addition to the CCBS lineup at the time. Cool as he was, he had a few notable flaws; most notably, strangely constructed legs which allowed almost no useful articulation whatsoever. Some time ago–I don’t entirely remember when, though I’d wager c. 2019-2021–I set out to revamp this character more to my liking. A lot of the constructions are incredibly simplified (and I believe the moc is shorter than the original set), but nevertheless I am 100% satisfied with everything I’ve done here.

Some of the most significant changes I’ve made are:

  • The legs are much more simply constructed, relying mostly on simple CCBS parts rather than the Technic mess that made up the set’s. Noteworthy are the gunmetal SW thigh shells, which are bootlegs.
  • The torso is a simple, but still custom design that was repurposed from an ancient moc that I don’t believe I’d ever published online.
  • All 4 arms have additional tan armor, the 2 upper arms use the printed Scarif knee armor shells, and all 4 arms have an extra wrist joint so he can still turn his hands when in 2-armed mode.
  • All 4 lightsabers are slightly different from each other.
  • He wears a cape produced by capes4minifigs. I thought the figure was fine enough without it, but having the cape on his person simply adds so much more.