General Grievous

Hello everybody! This is my newest creation! It is General Grievous himself! Utilizing my custom cape, body, legs, arms , everything! This MOC was highly based on the Sideshow figure of him. Hope you like it, and let the Force be with you, always!


Wow this is actually very accurate. I love it.


Certainly an impressive adaptation. I love all the detailing and the attention put into making it look accurate. The cape is also nicely done, if a bit open on top. Kinda disappointed that the arms don’t split, though.

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The arms were able to split, however i thought,that this feature i would better put off, since he looked strange that way.


The system neck brace seems weird but otherwise very nice. Especially the cape.

Changed Catergory ~OT

Shorter than I expected.


The torso is my favorite part I love that amount of detail :3

Jedi scum!


If you put the cape on the official set, I’d like it more. Even though this is more accurate in some areas, the neck and chest looks odd. It just doesn’t have the same feel as general grievous to me. The legs look weird and to inaccurate and thick. The set looks more accurate over all and the set porportions are better. But that torso design is amazing. If this was a grievous inspired moc than I’d like it more. Amazingly cape though.

I bet this guy would make I fine addition to your collection. Great Jon this is far better than the Lego set and vary accurate

This is the most accurate Grevious I’ve seen. Really good work and I love the cape.

Niiice, it looks real good
cape is sick,too

I’m highly impressed at how close you managed to capture the appearance of the actual character. The intricacies of the torso really convey the cyborg identity of Grievous well.

I love it especially the cape you made for it. The fact that It can hold lightsabers intrigues me.

I love how accurate this looks.
That chest is also wicked.

guess you beat my version

I really like this guy the chest is absolutely amazing. not to big a fan of the box collar, but im not sure how you would fix it, overall great job

He looks much better than the set!

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But can he split his arms into 4?

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This is a fine addition to the great mocs on the boards.

I’ll show myself out

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“General Kenobi.”

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While the accuracy is definitely a talking point for this MOC, the usage of parts and creativity in the design is without a shadow of doubt the best part of this MOC.