General Grivius (TTV Fanart)

If you’ve watched episode 182 of the TTV podcast you would know that near the end they mispronounced General Grievous’ name, instead they said General Grivius. This is what I think of when I hear “General Grivius”


I am ashamed to say that I said “Grivius” too when I was a little girl. To this day my grandparents still pronounce it like that cause they think I pronunced it right back then…


So they didn’t see the film, the one prequel worth watching. Also they must not know a lot of english :wink: . Guessing you don’t bother trying to correct because it’s too funny when they mispronounced it

Anyway this is a nice piece, even if it is just good to laugh and have a chuckle whenever I see it :slight_smile:

They know english (but not native speakers) and they did watch it, but it has been such a long time since we’ve seen it again that it just kinda stayed like that, and even when I say it right they say it like that, which I don’t mind, I actually like it heh.

And as for the art itself, it isn’t bad for a joke painting haha.

I don’t ever want to hear your grandparents talk about star wars, I would be cringing non stop due to the mispronounced way of saying grievous. It would ruin my favourite film series for me (even though I already hate 2 of the films)

His body almost looks like the radiation symbol lol


Good thing he’s not allergic.