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Welcome members of the master race to the PC gaming topic. Now, I know that consoles are inferior beasts compared to our machines of glory..


But lets keep the peasant bashing to a minimum, okay?

Use this topic to talk about all things PC gaming related.

Quick examples:


Steam Sales




Building a Machine

Gabe Newell


I don't PC game. I'm a console player myself, but I have friends who won't even acknowledge that they own a console.


I've always been more of a PC than a console gamer, especially since I play FPS games more than others.

I play Minecraft for PC on occasion.
Does that count?

hats n' crates
hats n' crates
gotta get me some
hats n' crates

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Except for my old GBA, I've never owned a console. Does that make me the purest of the pure in the PC Master Race? stuck_out_tongue

I also own WAAAAYY too many games on Steam and Gog. XD Recently, I've been playing KotOR 2 with the restored content mod.

I used to prefer consoles, but I'm kinda shifting toward the PC side. As long as I have a controller instead of keys.

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I feel like statements like this (ones that are obviously trying to start an argument) are probably against the rules


Not exactly.

Also, you're not a mod. You don't need to do their job for them. Just flag my topic for abuse if you actually want to help.

@Oniwah Why not? I actually started playing a lot on my PC when I first got minecraft. It was kind of my gateway to a larger world.

@ChaoticTempleKnight I don't actually think PC gamers are superior. Its a joke. I love my Xbone. And you're right, while PC games are cheaper, the hardware is far more expensive than a console.


It's against the rules to Double Post ya know. Read the site guidelines in order to see what is and isn't allowed:

Also, edit your Double Posts please, and if your gonna reply multiple times, use the @ symbol like I did for you in your post.


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I played moonbase alpha recently and abused the chat system, that was pretty funny


There's a name for all this bait.
It's called:

John madden


It's not just your average bait. this is... advanced bait

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I really dislike this mentality.

Also I find PC gaming way too expensive. But to be fair, there are some PC games I really like.


Disregarding the bait in the OP, I actually really like quite a few PC games. Among my favorites are FTL: Faster Than Light, Terraria, and Airmech.


I grew up with consoles aside from Lego Indiana Jones. It started with the Wii and is ending with the Xbox 1. I refuse to buy another console and will be putting that money to upgrading my PC. (Although I may get a Switch, those are pretty cool.)

I’m mostly console but once Galaxy in Turmoil comes out and I get a better RAM and maybe a better graphics card I’ll use pc more

I play Command & Conquer, Civilization, XCOM 2 and a slew of other games on PC. But very few that are mainstream. Myst for example.

Bruh, airmech, that brings back some memories, played it when it came to chrome all those years ago, fell out of it at some point… I love my PC, it’s pretty beastly these days too, but doesn’t stop me from owning every console I can get my hands on (which is a LOT at this point)