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I like Legacy of Kain.

Anyone here ever heard of Golden Sun?

It's a trilogy of three JRPGs two for the GBA, and one for the DS. They all have very good gameplay mechanics and fun times overall, story's interesting, but it's easy to look over.

Come on, step it up!

Gotta go fast guy!

Gotta get...

Battle toads.

Tell y'all a story 'bout a cave. A story 'bout a robot rollin' with a whole lot of bravery.

I like Cave Story. In case you couldn't tell from the above sentences.

I liek kingdom hearts cause I like killing heartless with a keyblade woop got a limit TWO KEY BLADES SUCKERS
ah such fun
GOT A SUMMON GENIE oh look a nobody! die!!


So, what games are you all hyped for? I'm primarily into SSB4 and Hyrule Warriors, but I'm considering getting a PS4 for Uncharted 4.

kingdom hearts 3 ssb4 (even though I have never played one in the franchise), and a new ratchet and clank game..wait there isnt one confirmed yet? insomniac stop hiding your best franchise STAHP AND MAKE IT FOR PS4

Never got into Ratchet and Clank. Sly Cooper was my childhood.

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and sly I think its 5 now?
and R&C...12? not sure

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I'm waiting for Half-Life 4.


It was mine as well, plus Jak, Crash, and all those other classics. Not R&C though, didn't get into that till fairly recently, and I haven't even gotten into it that much.

This pretty much sums up the KH series, minus the (beautiful) somewhat convoluted plot (that I love).

smeesh brahs

just sayin'



Destiny is pretty good so far, but there is room for improvement. Hopefully any DLC or title updates will address some of the problems. Anyone else play it?

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I love PS1 games. My favorite series are Crash Bandicoot and MediEvil.
My favorite PS3 series is by far Uncharted.

I'm playing it as well, and I pretty much agree with everything you said. Certainly a good game, but it needs improvement that will hopefully be added with DLC and patches.

are you ready for Super Smash Bros: Wii U?

Who isn't? Thats a more legitimate question.

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