Generation 2 Ahkmou, the Betrayer

Well, seeing as G2 recreated our favorite characters, I decided to take it upon myself to find a good character to recreate. @ThatchMac suggested that we tackle everyone’s favorite backstabber Ahkmou, and all things considered he was pretty easy to build. Props to @ThatchMac and @ComradeWolfie for helping make this guy, I appreciate the teamwork and collaboration!

What better way to up the ante on how much of a “betrayer” he is than to actually have him wield (a suggestion by @ThatchMac) the ultimate symbol of the enemy, Makuta’s old hammer? It was made from a few looks at IXRolloutIX’s video on the JtO Mask of Ultimate Power by @Cyber-Hand in case you were curious. The cape and sand yellow shells are from the CCBS Rey. Also, yes, that’s Korgot’s mask completely sharpied in black. Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this guy, feel free to leave a comment down below!


Nice! I like the addition of the cloth and arrangement of the spikes. They really add a more menacing feel to him.


Simple, but effective.

Also, not sure if it was intentional, but he has a black mask, a nice reference to the corrupted Kanohi he sold on Mata Nui!


I put in the cape as a suggestion from @ComradeWolfie, since his back looked…what’s the right word for it, naked? So the cape covered his back and simultaneously gave him an air of regality. Thanks for the comment!


I miss tan. Nice moc.

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The black mask is indeed a reference to when he sold the corrupted Kanohi, nice eye for detail!

Much appreciated. And yes, tan is indeed a missed color, I can agree with you there.


A simple MOC, but I really do like how he looks. The cloth is a nice addition too.

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Yeah this guy is pretty great


I love this!

Very recognizable adaptation of the original character, and the whole Makuta’s hammer thing is an excellent touch.

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You guys read NickinAmerica’s BIONICLE Nova Orbis? Ahkmou gets extremely redeemed. Btw, Calor FTW.

I imagine this is probably how he would look.

A sharpie? Isnt that like a pen? Doesnt the ink come off?

The ink on my sharpie’s surprisingly stayed on for a few weeks, probably around four? You just have to know how to use a permanent marker properly.

This is a great MOC, and a great representation of Ahkmou in g2. I really like how you gave him Makuta’s hammer.

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