Generic Robot Soldier

I built the head first, and then wanted to build a body. That’s when I realized I probably don’t have any other pieces that match the mask’s color.

But Zaku Eye is worth it.

Just in case anyone wants their own Zaku eye.

Thoughts? Critiques?



Wow. You didn’t use mixel eyes. Not bad OmegaTahu. Simple yet effective.


Neat head and a cool build, but is the lime green on the back intentional?

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Yep, no mixel eyes this time. Thanks!

No, I just didn’t want to go looking for a black one, and I don’t think this guy will stay put together very long either he was mainly built so I could give the head a body.


Wow the Komau works incredibly well for a cyclopean robot. It may be a different color, but that doesn’t really bother me as much as the axle sticking out from the back.