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Escape. That is all that matters. Escaping the labyrinthine corridors, surviving the monsters…it is only to survive.

The Factory.

An abominable creation, where everything, from the walls to the doors, writhes as if it was living.

You are somewhere, deep within its walls.

You must be free.

Free of death.


An illusion.

Genesis is a roleplay based off of the world of the sub genre biopunk.
Your character was used in a factory that manufactures life, and had some ability or another that either assisted in said creation, protected it, or is some corrupted version of the creation. Of course there is an offset, or a limit. Or perhaps a part of you is affected adversely by your power.

EXAMPLES: A built-in weapon, or tendrils, or a neural link to the machinery.

Rules: No god mode,no bunnyhopping, no auto hit, etc.
And also general ttv rules.
NOTE: Dont just post for sake of responding, at least make a decent effort to make the story cohesive, and not just short responses. I’m not saying to make it extremely long, just make it fitting.

Also, don’t make the power overpowered please, and make it fit within the concept of the roleplay. Fire powers don’t really fit within the roleplay, for example.

I will try my hardest to make sure this is decently fair, at least.
Again, just try to write well for sake of the story, and for the sake of all the other players. This is not me saying if you cant write well, this isn’t for you, I am simply asking for you to try.

Character Tutorial/Sheet:


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Imma be real, I don’t think Scorn is necessarily a Boards-appropriate title for a topic, much less something to RP about. What’s your long-term plan for this?

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It only takes parts of scorn, not the entire thing. (Mostly just the architecture. )
And what do you mean by long term plan?

By long-term plan I mean what’s the point of the RP? With the brief lore drop at the beginning of the topic stating escape from the Factory is the one goal the players should have in mind, but is that what’s actually going to occur? Is the ultimate plan to have that goal be the driving force for the plot, or is there something else?

Also, the reason for my bringing up Scorn is because of this:

Gore is not typically tolerated on the Boards and especially not the extremely gristly kind depicted in Scorn, so if you were intending your descriptions and reference material to mean something other than that, it would be good to clarify.

Its more the consequences of what it takes to get there.

Yeah… gimme a sec here.
I DO however, need some help. Also, i wasn’t intending on it being as gory.