A topic to talk about geocaching. What is the coolest thing you found in a cache? What experiences have you had both good and bad? How did you first get involved?


My friend and I wanted to go Geocaching at a German festival down by the Springs but it turned out that the geocache was out of the park's area and so we couldn't go

So, what exactly is a geocache?

From what i've heard, it's like finding video game easter eggs in real life

Pretty much what I was going to say stuck_out_tongue
I assume it's rocks?


I've always wanted to go geocaching, but haven't found the time to do it.

Well I assume this involves going outside and into nature, yeah no thanks, nature ahtes me...


Haven't gone geocaching in a while.

Honestly haven't found much too weird either.

It can be really disappointing if the geocache has been stolen or moved from the location it was supposed to be.

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One time our scout troop (me, really) found a metal box behind a tree during a rainy campout. I grabbed it and opened it up, and we found out it was a geocache. This wasn't a traditional geocache, though. The person who found it was supposed to take an item out, put another item in it, and then hide it elsewhere. There was also an included notepad so you could write about how you found it. Seeing how it was raining, we didn't write anything, but we saw entries dating back to 2005.

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That sounds cool but it may not have been a real geocache since you need to hide it in a different place everytime