German Retailer Leaks Final BIONICLE 2015 Prices

German Retailer Leaks Bionicle 2015 Prices and “Lord of Skull Spiders” Info

The German retailer site Werst has leaked the European set prices for the Bionicle 2015 wave. Eurobricks member Chimaninja454 made the discovery earlier today of the price list, and by comparing the prices for already released LEGO sets on the site he was able to give us these USD prices for all of the Winter 2015 wave, which revealed something rather interesting about the Lord of Skull Spiders.

**$9.99** 70778 Protector of Jungle
$9.99 70779 Protector of Stone
**$9.99** 70780 Protector of Water
$9.99 70781 Protector of Fire
$9.99 70782 Protector of Ice
$9.99 70783 Protector of Earth
$14.99 70784 Lewa - Master of Jungle
$14.99 70785 Pohatu - Master of Stone
$14.99 70786 Gali - Master of Water
$14.99 70790 Lord of the Skull Spiders
$19.99 70787 Tahu - Master of Fire
$19.99 70788 Kopaka - Master of Ice
$19.99 70789 Onua - Master of Stone
As you can see, the most glaring of information is that the Lord of Skull Spiders is only a $14.99 set, which means that he is not a titan for this year as previously predicted. However, most of the other sets were priced reasonably close to fan predictions. To purchase all of the sets from the Winter 2015 wave will currently set you back roughly $180.

[Source]: “Werst Product Search" via Eurobricks Written by: Kahi, 9/1//2014

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The tens, fifteens, and twenties CONFIRMED

Its happening

All aboard


180? I can do that. Much more reasonable with only three of the Toa being 20. Also, interesting that three of them are titans and three of them aren't. Perhaps that information about the Kaita was false, as having two parts of Akamai be titans wouldn't really be viable.


Or will they be the same height and Akamai will be a bit bulkier?

Just doesn't seem viable. In the past Kaita were always the same size as each other. Of course it is essentially a new theme, so they could change a few things.

I'm looking at the Nuva Kaita right now, and Wairuha had a shorter and bulkier torso than Akamai. So not exactly.

Also, given that the Toa Mata themselves aren't exactly the same size, the Kaita could follow the same pattern.

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I'm good with this... cheaper than what I expected and with prices listed we'll hopefully see the reveal in November with the sets going on the Lego site early Late December/January.

Wouldn't say that Onua looks like he's worth the extra money, personally Lewa looks more deserving of that. The fact that the Lord Of Skull Spiders is cheaper is surprising. Only the protectors seem a little hefty in terms of price considering they are fairly identical, however I'm up for getting these.

Will probably review them when I get them :3

Exciting stuff! Much better than what I was expecting. It's looking more and more likely that there will be a BIONICLE presence at NYCC.


You know, I actually find it interesting the mix of the titan/"regular" Toa. I fully intend to get all six to recreate Akamai and Wairuha and this means that there'll definitely be an interesting difference in how each can be built.

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Why does Kopaka have to be twenty? Why, why? Well at least Pohatu's 15. ~Pyrox

Honestly, I'm totally okay, and supportive of the Toa being different sizes, and even prices.

I dunno, I don't wanna say more..."human" per say, but I feel like it's a clear sign of diversity between them all, and I'm totally down with that, and even with slightly different heights.

Gives them a unique sense of personality reflected in their builds. Or something like that.

YES!! I knew those three would be $20! And that random guy on Eurobricks tried to convince me wrong! HA!

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I'm REALLY hhappy with this. I will have exactly the right amount of money for this. Thank you [Insert religious deity of your chouce here so as not to offend anyone, specifically Chronicler as he seems to be really against religious references on the forums]


I like these prices.

I like them a lot.

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Ekorak is right! Only Omega sets get $20 prices! #returnofonepuconfirmed2015

$180? Better start earning the cash-money hyuk hyuk hyuk stuck_out_tongue


Good to know that the sets will be cheaper than I expected. smiley

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IKR? I still won't be able to afford all of them at once, but in the long run...