get rid of meth

nothing to see here, move along


Okay, this is epic.

In all seriousness tho this is great

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Now these Mocs are great, though Samus’ shaping is a bit off

Noice big purple dinosaur, isn’t it?

It’s purple.

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Whooops didn’t watched carefully enough


Looks absolutely fantastic!

This is so, so, gooooood.

I love the tiny Samus!!!

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How’d you get this much purple

So this was a Metroid moc?

Would type the Resurrection Rhyme, but this is a moc and it’s not needed here.

Pretty nice moc, that hand really seems to have an outstanding number of points of articulation and the color scheme has a decent contrast. However, I wonder if it can hold the gun properly without messing the gear function inside it and how many zamor spheres can it store.