Getting into BIONICLE story

Hey guys!
So, as the title says, I would like to get a little bit more deep into Bionicle storyline. I have been huge fan of Bionicle for a long time, I have a lot of sets, but I never thought it has sooo complex storyline! I have seen all films (well, I think at least), but never read any comics or anything like that. What is the best way to get into it? I don't think reading Bionicle wiki daily would help me so much, you know...
Thanks for any responses!!


Here's pretty much everything besides the books for Gen 1.


This may help with the basic bits of the story.

(also, try using Biosector01-it's Eljay-approved.)


Mask of Time!

I am dead!

Mask of Concealment!

I am trapped!


"ohs noes"


Reading the story serials or just spelunking BS01

Don't we already have a topic like this?

I'll need to look it up, unless someone can find it, but I thought for sure there was a topic like this one.

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I was going to say that the Saga Guides on BS01 are the best choice for you, but then you said that you don't want to read the wiki. I still suggest reading the Saga Guides, though, as they offer the important chunks of the story in a fraction of the time it would take to read every book and watch every movie.

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Well, I doubt you can read all of the books/comics/etc, so I think the best way is to just listen to BIONICLE discussions and immerse yourself in the community. You would be amazed at how much information you pick up just from being around BIONICLE fans.

Take it from me; I had extremely limited knowledge of the story just a year ago. But from going on various message boards and discussions, I'm a pro now. wink

Of course, you should also use BS01 as a supplemental source.

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here you go
it has all the g1 books


I meant that I THOUGHT that reading random pages of wiki wouldn't be helpful. But if it is, of course I can read those Saga Guides! Thanks for tip

@Chronicler Yeah I was searching for something like that, I wasn't going too deep tho!

@Clone_01354_Productions Haha great! At least I know I am not completely lost by joining the community after such a long time

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Here's the link. Have fun! blush


Honestly, just read the books. By the time you get to Downfall, you'll have a real appreciation for it and all its complexities.