Gf's self moc updated model+ black light pics.

She now has decide to change the name to Anima or soul in Latin. This is one of my main female characters in my bionicle storyline. She is part of a great being species known as the Soulen beings. In the storyline they are the most powerful of any of the great being entities. The Anti being and the Soulen beings have been at war with each other since the beginning of time and still can’t seem to put beside their differences. She is one of the purified soulen being which makes her eyes white. It’s a 5% chance of surviving the purification process for any soulen being otherwise they will usually have blue eyes.

I’ll be posting some of my other moc’s in a black light.


Nice moc. I quite like the blue color scheme and head build.


agreed, i also really like the taxodox parts!


Bro, it’s not even mine