Ghar, the Sheeth Hunter V8

Hello everyone on the Boards!

A little while ago I asked the people over on MOCPages if they thought me revamping all my Doomed Toa characters to make them more unique was a good idea.

They and I agreed it was.

So, here I am today to begin this transformation, and I’m hopeful my efforts will be made worthwhile! And what better way to make a new start with my main MOCs than to intoduce you all to the newest version of my self-MOC!

Lore changes await as well!

NAME: Ghar
SPECIES: Unknown
AFFILIATIONS: The Sheeth Bounty Hunter Organization
POWERS: Control over earth, soil, rock, and dirt, intimidation
WEAPONS: Quakebow
STATUS: Currently active
PERSONALITY: Intelligent, strategic; not comfortable around others, with the exception of his friends and allies; humorous when he feels like it; prefers solitude rather than teamwork; doesn’t speak out often and can be seen as cold and harsh, overly cynical, impatient, extremely loyal to those he trusts

BIO: Little is known about Ghar’s past. All the Sheeth organization knows is that he showed up one day demanding a position as a bounty hunter, and that he is the last of his kind that hails from an unknown Southern island. Ghar blew through the Bounty Hunter interview tests and quickly rose through the ranks of the Sheeth’s best. Unknown to many, even his superiors, Ghar posses extreme elemental powers of Earth, power akin to those of the Toa told of in other lands. When asked where his power comes from, Ghar usually is quick to turn the conversation to other matters, if he even bothers to continue speaking. Currently, Ghar has received a strange anonymous tip claiming that a member of his race still lives. Ghar currently seeks the aid of those with skills he does not have to aid him in investigating the rumor.

He also still has a pet turtle, Quake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here he is!

Front view.

Side view.

Back view (my personal best in terms of looking clean).

In case you didn’t notice, gone is the so called “Ghar torso” that I built for him way back in his first version. Instead, I’ve Frankensteined Ghar and my secondary self-MOC, Syras the Bounty Hunter, and modified that torso a little for Ghar.

The mask of course was another issue to sort out. Ghar’s original Pakari was way too big to fit on this size build, and I also tried a custom Krana mask, but then he looked too villain-ish and too much like Syras (more so than he already does). Eventually, I settled on the Mask of Earth, which was a happy medium for me, and while I’m sad the old Pakari is gone, this one looks great too!

Normal head without the mask. I didn’t bother tearing the torso apart just to make the neck a Glatorian neck, so his is two ball joints. Sue me.

Closer look at the back. Again, basically Syras, but some updates. I’ve arched the back in what I feel is a pleasing shape, and while the bowed lift arms do have the gap in them I don’t mind them at all.

His left shoulder, meant to be a mechanical replacement run on his Earth powers. The story for that goes that he was chasing a target and got trampled by a Kane-Ra. Ouch.

Back of the arms, which I loved recycling Ghar’s old shins into triceps!

Other than that, his arm is really simple and pretty standard. His arms needed one more stud length to be properly proportioned, but unfortunately I had to put the friction extender in his elbow, which makes it look odd when he bends it.

The normal arm. I had to paint the Nuva shoulder piece to be black. It unfortunately got scratched during the build as it used to have even more armor on top of it, but I think it actually looks pretty cool like that!

Waist closer up. I had to change it to a Vahki waist as Syras’s custom hips prevented in/out rotation, which Ghar sorely needed. I need to work on this, however, as the Throwbot foot on his butt always wobbles around.

Thighs are the same as Ghar’s old ones, just with Metru armor on the inside instead of crappy hand connectors. Those are also painted black.

His mechanical shins, brought about again due to the Kane-Ra incident. These were the most fun bit of him to make, and took me a little while to get right.

The top has a double jointed knee, which I bend back to make the piston add-on cover the knee more. It also adds a nice curve seen in real human legs.

This is what they look like without the knees tucked in.


With the dagger stored on his hip.

His new quakebow!

I had actually made this for Ghar’s last version and I was supposed to make an update post showing it, but it never happened. Gone is the giant crossbow and here now is this nice, sleek hand crossbow!

Couldn’t get the side wings to look right with any other pieces than these bowed lift arms. But it doesn’t look bad to me.

Side of that. It was tricky to get the handle towards the back of the crossbow.


Awkward Ghar pose!

The design for this new redesign was based off of my D&D version of the character:

I was going to do the hood, but I don’t have fabric or skill…

Well, let me know what you all think! I currently have two more former Doomed Toa ready to post, so hopefully a good response here will help me get those out and know this was a good move to make!

As always,
Discuss and Enjoy!


This looks really cool.
But those legs looks amazing!


The limbs are pretty okay, but I find the previous mask to look a bit better and the torso is a bit blocky. Good stuff all in all!

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Wow! Ghar certainly got an upgrade! The new quakebow is a really neat design, and I think his new mask does fit (albeit it makes him look a lot angrier). What I would like to see changed in the next version would be both of the shoulder plates being silver, all the exposed grey parts to be either covered or changed to black ones, and most importantly


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the feet seem a bit too small compared to those buff legs,otherwise this is good

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That lime piece near the middle of his chest looks a bit off, but I think this more condensed, clean look works for him.

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Thanks, RT! Yea, the torso had that problem back when it was Syras’s. Can’t say I have a solution other than making a new torso. The Pakari I’d have to agree with you, but it’s simply way too big to put on him now!

Thanks! Angrier goes with the new personality a bit more, I feel!

I can see why, but the shoulder is silver and grey for a reason, as it’s supposed to be a mechanical shoulder replacement. I don’t really want the other side to be symmetrical so I can draw the eye to it more.

Next post! :wink:

Thanks! I can see the issue, but it’s not as bad for me. I can look into other feet, but I like the aesthetic and I can’t really think of any other kind of foot to use.

Yea, I can see it is sort of out of place. I wanted to add more green, and I decided there was okay as the hand piece underneath is also green. I can see about making that black. And thank you, the cleaner look was definitely a goal!

Thanks all! I appreciate the critique!

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As someone else said, the lime system piece on the torso seems off, but otherwise I really like this MOC! The lower arms are a tad basic, and don’t really look good with the rest of the MOC. Great work!

Woah, just woah.

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