Giant Pit Jellyfish

The jellyfish in the 2007 Playsets were always my favorite part. For the only 2007 playset I got, the only thing of it that remains together is that jellyfish. So before I go back on my warpath to finishing all my Dark Hunters, I figured I would throw this thing quickly together. Something to show what it might look like in proper scale.

Close Ups:

Scale comparisons:


This looks awesome. A simple concept but executed very well.

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Awesome MOC! The tentacles look great!

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Great MOC! Very smart use of that Trans Blue Capsule piece!

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I thought his thing were squid and giant squid

NPU with those brain stalks.


Thank you. Though that’s probably why I like the original so much. It’s simple, small, and to me looks very cute as a result.

Thanks! Though I wish I had more orange to work with. Maybe even some red flex tubes to make it a bit more accurate color wise.

Thanks. Though if you look at some of my past stuff, I tend to use these dome pieces quite a bit. I just have so many of them. Need to do something with them all.

Kalmah’s things are squids, yes, but I’m just having him there for scale comparison. That and he comes in the playset that the jellyfish comes in, so it’s fitting.



Wow! This is an awesome MOC! It certainly fits right in with the Mahri Nui aesthetic. I love the how intricate all the tentacles are.