Gilgamesh (AKA Walter J. Smeide), the enforcer of Nova city

This here is Gilgamesh, an X class android who is Nova city’s most useful ASO operative. What is an X class android? what is ASO? you can ask questions like that in the comments. Gilgamesh is equipped with a multi-use key hook scyth that he calls Junix. it can transform onto his arm into the M1.D45 rail cannon, a weapon that fires a charged energy pellet of static fusion, easily causing Kinetic damage. if you have any questions to ask about him and/or his story, feel free to ask them in the comments.


Or you can answer them in the description

Anyways, the moc is pretty basic, the most complicated thing the elongated ignika torso. While Simple isn’t bad, in this case it is.


Well, the moc looks pretty neat. Where did you get that mask?

He painted it.

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@Toa_Vladin that i did. I am still surprised at how well the color worked, matching his red armor very well. it was spray paint as well.

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