GK, the skeletal man

It’s quite hard to come up with a unique looking skull dude these days.
So here we have, somewhat a selfmoc with steel goatee and fancy feet.


This is pretty cool, thought the feet would be more awesome if it had balljoints at the ankles, still sweet though!

The feet are freaking me out! (In a good way) :wink:

Pelvic Trust is strong in this one.

It actually is a really sweet MOC.

This is pretty cool but I feel the silver of the mask clashes a bit with the tan.

To me it just looks like he has an extremely tight necklace accessory below his jaw :stuck_out_tongue: Nice try though.

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Nice MOC! I like the color scheme, with that dark tan adding lots of character, and the overall shaping is fairly good. I also enjoy the added characteristics with that goatee and necklace.

Pretty cool, the foot design is interesting.

Oh no, not GK!