GK733, basically everything pen related

Everything related to stuff I do with PEN
I post my draws on mostly tumblr, but for easiest and safest acces I'll post you my dA.

Now I'm not gonna Post every possible thing ever I have done so you have to check form there. Otherwise, here's Kulta The Chin Grinder.

And a little WIP


whoa, nice Kulta :open_mouth:

I always come up with things like your Kulta drawings, but I can never make it look that good.

That Kulta is amazing! and the Akida should end up quite good as well.

Like I stated in the Kulta's dA description, gonna finish these two on the same bunch.


These are pretty cool :smile:

Full shot of both Gali and Akida will follow.

As I follow the same direction as with masters next up is the beefy guy.


I love your artstyle, I can't decide which is my favorite, but I think gali is the best, I like her belt and weapon, will you make the unity between her and akida?

It just feels too much of a hassle.
Maybe later but I'm already in the "earth mood"

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