Glace The First Toa of Ice

So I built this for @Connor_Hoffman 's contests.


I love all those icy parts placed throughout the moc; really makes him seem in tune with his element, as a first Toa should be. Not a fan of the feet though.

Thanks, the ice shoulders where actually the first part of this MOC I thought of.


The look of the feet was sacrificed for functionality, and so the second shell could be on the leg.

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Could use some hands.

I would give it hands, if I could figure out ones that are small enough.

Are mata hands too big?

Pretty cool looking.

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The two pronged ones? Or the connector pieces that served as “hands” until 2009?

The latter.

Well they’re small enough, but the lack of fingers bugs me, call me a weirdo but I prefer no hands to no fingers. Thank you for the CC though, it’s always appreciated.

Very nice! I do love the snowflake shield pieces poking out of the shoulders! Could you send in the pictures to ?


As a connoisseur of all things Ice, I judge this pretty awesome,

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Cringe @ the Kopaka shin armor… hated those stickers, and thus, never used them

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Will do once I have a chance :slight_smile: