Glacia Guardian of Ice

Gender: female

Element: Ice



Concept and Ideas: So when i was making this moc, I started with the legs. and as I went up I noticed how the bottom part of the legs could be used for boots, and what better way to give boots to a moc that has the element of ice? As I went up, the torso had me troubled the most (like any female moc I make), this reason is because of figuring how to connect the nova shoulder armor to the torso. Now, I know what your going to say. “THE NECK SHOULDN’T BE THAT LONG!” “IT NEEDS TO BE SHORTER!”. Yet, I have already tried that and the results weren’t what I wanted… Since the way the shoulder armor is designed, if I had the neck shorted than what it is then the articulation would be cut off by a bunch. You may think that wouldn’t be that bad, but, I enjoy doing stop motions and I think that is one of the most important things when animating action figures. Thats my reason for why the neck is so short. Were the axe and blade came from was just pieces I never thought I was going to ever use, so I had the idea of using both for this moc and having them attach on the back. The repainted 2015 Pohatu mask was made because this isn’t 2001 were Lego made those mask packs with recolors of the masks, no this 2015 were we only get 2 colors of each mask. One in the toas color, and the other in gold. Overall this isn’t Akela or Shyla, This is Garcia, Guardian of ICE!

Story: None, I just made this moc…


the ‘boots’ seem messy.Though the upper body seems alright… ignoring some issues

can I get on whats so messy about the boots?

Cool (olololol) build! I really like the use of those system parts as the sides of a skirt. If only you could continue that look around the back, as well? Though I’m not sure how you would do that.
Not a fan of the 1-stud-wide bricks for the thighs. For a MOC as large as this you need something 3-wide I think.Should look less gappy then.
I’m loving the use of Whenua’s weapons for the high shoulder armour. Be careful though - just because the ARMOUR is higher up doesn’t mean the actual shoulder joint has moved.
Her neck definitely looks too long (just pull off the pauldrons for a second and I think that’d be obvious).

EDIT: I really mean it about the neck. You need to change it. Even if you plan on doing stop-motion with this, I think your animations will suffer from the sight of it - ESPECIALLY on YouTube (and its infamous comments section). You’re better off adjusting the shoulder armour, cool as it is, in order to fix the more glaring issues with this MOC.


wow this is a messy build, I mean the shaping isn’t bad, but the build is just,
clashing textures, giraffe neck, those shoulders,
the mess of shrapnel of the lower legs which look disjointed and gappy,
also, a moc this big should have hands.
and while those chains look nothing like hair, I’m deducting points for the fact that I know that’s why they were added.

not a fan.

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I love the robe, but I think it sits too low below the waist, perhaps adding a bit more white system slopes covering the upper waist?

Rather than a cohesive piece look,

the boots look more like armor plates strung together(than again that’s how some MOCs are), and the textures clash. It looks more spiney and prickly rather than a smooth look a pair of booths would have.

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I like this one.

But that neck tho.

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Delicious custom painting… but that neck is… nightmarish. The whole thing could use a general reworking.


Ok, since you are going to review my moc like that, whats the total of points you are giving me. by that give me the total of points and were the category those points came from.

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I don’t see how a numerical value would further justify my criticisms,
I’ve told you why I don’t like it.

I didn’t mean I was literally deducting points from an arbitrary score, it was just a quicker way of saying while it doesn’t look like hair(something I hate on mocs), it’s obvious that it was intended to be hair, and that makes me dislike it.