Glatorian/agori on aqua magna?

Mata nui’s guide to bara magna states that during the shattering, the beings that lived on spherus magna were stranded on whatever part of the planet they were on when it split into three. Does this mean that glatorian and agori could have inhabited aqua magna, and maybe even encountered beings in the MU?
(As an interesting footnote, the map of the matoran universe says that the islands on Mata nui’s lower legs are unexplored, and potentially populated by “unknown” races)


Well, I don’t think Aqua Magna had any other landmasses besides the artificial ones from the MU.

Aqua Magna was just the oceans of Spherus Magna, and as far as we know, no Agori or Glatorian lived in the water.

There were actually two Glatorian in Mata Nui’s Core Processor that were intended to be secondary pilots for the Matoran Universe, but they were killed in the Great Cataclysm.


Correct. Other than the “pilots,” there weren’t any on Aqua Magna. None of the Glatorian or Agori were water-breathers.