Glatorian as a Species?

Would you say the Glatorian System was named after the Glatorian as a species, since they would inevitably be the ones participating in it? As it stands, it can be a bit confusing since, as it stands, “Glatorian” is not a species name but an employment name (despite characters like Gelu, Vorox and Stronius being often advertised and referred to as Glatorian, despite not participating in matches) and we have no known species name for these individuals. However, even in these forums, you’ve referred to the Great Beings as being “part of the Glatorian species” to use an example. It would make a lot of sense if the Glatorian system were named after the species Glatorian, and the term evolved to refer more to the employment title since most in the species Glatorian eventually took on the jobs as gladiators.

What do you think?

Edit: Also (and I think this is a related enough question to fall under the same topic), are the Skrall a subspecies of Glatorian that just experienced some divergent evolution and breeding over time?

Glatorian has already been confirmed as both the species name and the job title.

I’m failing to see the source of that specifically.

Yeah, in hindsight I realized that isn’t there. though I thought it was mentioned somewhere.

Yeah, even if it were confirmed somewhere, this would at least formalize it and the reasons for it, and would be something we could cite on the Sapient Species page

The original quote has been lost in the Dataclysm, but the information exists in the form of a Farshtey Feed… Kinda.

BZPower is still migrating their servers, thusly the Farshtey Feeds cannot be read at the moment, however this is what the FF says:

• With respect to the Agori and Glatorian – in one case, the title is a species name; in the other, it is not.
• The Glatorian are all of the same species.


• “Skrall” isn’t properly the name of a tribe. It’s a species name. We will encounter Skrall with individual names.
• Although Glatorian is a job name, not a species name, Greg does not see the Glatorian (those besides the Skrall) as being of separate species.
• Greg: “Skrall are not the same species as the other Glatorian are … that’s why they are stronger, faster than other Glatorian. While they do the job of Glatorian, they are not the same in the sense that they have no choice when it comes to fighting for their village. They are basically soldiers being sent to fight in the arena.”

"6) How are Skrall, Bone Hunters, and Agori related to Glatorian? "
"6) Well, Skrall are close to them in terms of species. Bone hunters and Agori are not related to them, they’re separate species. "


Okay, Thanks Wolk. I thought it was somewhere.

Ah, manythanks, Wolk.

In that case, the question would be if Glatorian was always just the de facto employment name, or if it evolved over time to be this way, after a system named after the species. To say it was originally the species name would require a slight retcon, perhaps, but would still make things far easier all around, especially since BS01 has no other term to use for them than “Glatorian” (as seen awkwardly employed on the Glatorian page) and most people (like ProfSrlojohn, for example) are already under the impression it’s a species name as well