Glim's Three Okotan Rahi

Good evening, everyone!

Welcome to Glim’s Three Okotan Rahi!
Otherwise known as Glim’s Three Simple Okotan Rahi Themed MOCs Due to His Lack of Parts and Creativity That He Thought He’d Share!

It’s a whole mouthful I know.

This little guy right here is what I call the Dikapi Swan. So much blue, so majestic.

Over here we have the cutest of the bunch, the Hanuki Crab. Not much to say about this really, just some random crab that looks cute.

And finally we have the Sand Dikapi. Take a bunch of Pohatu, mix it a bit with Gali and voila there you have it. A large flightless bird from Po-Wahi the Stone Region.

There you have it, folks. Three simple cute should-have-been-Okotan Rahi that if I had enough time, energy and motivation I’d probably give these guys a proper background explanation.

Let me know what you guys think down below!


Do you mind posting more pictures? ( green one in particular)
I like the green one better imo, cuz it reminds me of Click

Also welcome to the Message boards!


I like the use of the 2015 heads and eye pieces.

Green one? You mean the brown one, right? Gah! I should’ve included their names! Hold on a sec. Ah, there we go. So you mean the Sand Dikapi, right?

Anyway, I’ll try to post more pics by tomorrow hopefully. Thanks for the comment!

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I was talking about the Hanuki Crab

these seem like nice lil’ 2015 tablescraps.

nice job.

@1000Purse30 Whoops, sorry for the mix up. I took a few pics this morning but I’m having trouble uploading them on my computer. I’ll upload them soon, hopefully.

edit 1/7/2017:
omygoodness how long has it been
So here are the pics you asked for like a week ago hehe ^’

@SonicBionicleMaster Thank you!

@Sammythekat Thanks, they were intended to give that sort of feel. :relaxed: