Globe: Protector of Gumballs

Another entry into Alieraah’s (Toa Junie) Protector of Junk Food Challenge

EDIT: This guy one first place in the ProtectorOfJunkfood Contest!


This is by far my favorite of the jfps.

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This works especially well as a diver moc.

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This MOC’s build is really solid!

I love everything about this. The “gumball” launchers, the globe at the top, the colors.

It’s perfect.

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Spectacular job, from the weapon, to the suit, everything comes together so nicely here.

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That clear canopy piece really works for this moc

That is just plane amazing. But the link doesn’t work, it says that the video doesn’t exist, and I’d like to enter the contest. Could you please provide another?



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The helmet is a brilliant construction.

This is a really nice looking MOC. I like that it has the pros of the original protectors while adding its own flare. Also, this is a superb use of system parts.

but I like my gumballs

I like the head