Glyos Outdoor Nature Shots

Okay, these are pretty old. Like two months ago old. I took them a while ago and was too lazy completely forgot to upload them.

They show a Sabaku Mage Kabuto Mushi, and a Crayboth.

I hope people who don’t even know what these are enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

This was hell to balance (and probably the worse quality of the bunch).

My personal favorite:

Well, that’s it. My recent Pohatu topic finally motivated me to post these as well.


Pretty good.

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You got really good poses out of these things.

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Despite having only swivel joints :laughing:

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Real cool, Nice shots I wish I had a camera like that.

I was actually thinking of trying Glyos soon (trying some Onell stuff when I’m up for a drop with some color-blocking I like), and I wanted know how the feel in general.

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@RedMageGizmo this wasn’t done with a proper camera, I was using my cell phone.

Glyos is amazing, and I’ve had experience with most of the companies. My recommendation to start with is a Buildman with some axis joints, as that gives way for a lot of builds.

These things are really high quality and solid as rocks.

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Well the best I got is my PSVita, so a phone like that is better than my potato.

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Pumpkin Man stands in a field.


Why not…

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