GM: Frostbite (Gunpla GM Cold Districts Custom)

This is…kinda pseudo. Lately my area has been getting a crapload of rain, so the humidity is very high and I can’t finish the spray painting on another project of mine just yet. In the meantime, I took out some Gundam markers, cement, and leftover parts and messed around with an old GM Cold Districts I have.

I added some red highlights (many of which were original, as well as some that were replacing decals) and completely converted the lower right arm into a cannon. I also cemented some thrusters to the back and did an effect with a matte finish. If you get too close while spraying it, it looks like snow. Well, that really helped :stuck_out_tongue:

^my absolute favorite part of this thing.

Gun arm:

I also really love how the frosted visor turned out.

That’s about it! The kit itself was made when I was even more noobish at Gunpla than I am now, so I apologize if a few things seem off.


The snowy shield looks so good. :smile:

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Looks really cool. (Pun absolutely intended)

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Minor update: I had some fun with a new hand drill…

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I don’t quite like the arm cannon integration, but I guess it’s a nice fancy GM

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I would’ve done more if spray paint was an available option, but the humidity is super high so I don’t want to go too far with cutting. I also kinda like the cannon being on a swivel.

There’s a contradiction in those words :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool!

###### I really need to make a custom GM

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GM’s as a whole are extremely utilitarian, they really offer great blank templates.

If I do decide to make a custom GM, should I start with the GM II?

I’d say you should just go through random GM designs and see if you get any inspiration. Of course, the age of the kit does make some difference.

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That’s true, I’m still waiting for a bunch of 2.0 kits to be made (Kämpfer, Alex, GM 2, Ez8, etc…)

I’m that one fool who still wants them to make a Gogg Revive XD

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What we really need is a Hy-Gogg (or any other aquatic mobile suit for that matter). Also, do you mostly do HGs, or MGs?

###### Maybe we should move this conversation over to the Gunpla discussion topic

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I build mostly HG’s due to sheer amount produced and price, but I like either.

######I would but I’d be double posting

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Cool. Last comment: when I said GM 2, I meant GM type C.

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That is some cool looking modelwork.

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The holes add a lot of character…