Gnllvon, New King Of Demons, Archdemon Of War And Destruction

After killing the previous king of demons, Gnllvon became the new king. As the only heir and the killer of King Vlane, he secured a seat on the legendary Throne Of Skulls.


I think this is a great concept for a MOC and with a couple of changes it could be really great. I think the back could use some more covering especially over the exposed CCBS bones on the sides and I think the knees are a little too skinny due to how the CCBS joints work. I really like how you made the horns and the figure of this MOC is very imposing. Perhaps in general you could bulk up the limbs a little to better match with the torso, which on the whole looks very good.

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Cool but has a ton of gaps

I think that the hammer is a little bare-boned.

Yup I only have one word for this moc B.A.,
Wait two B.A.and terrifying

The hammer looks nice and sturdy, which is hard to pull of for a weapon of such size. Over all the MOC is pretty good.

This pretty cool except it’s very gappy

He’s got his big boi pants on