Godzilla Discussion

So since I haven't found this topic on the boards, I decided to create it, especially since there will be a new Japanese film coming out pretty soon (Godzilla Resurgence), and an American film in 2018. What's your favorite movie? Fav Kaiju? Feel free to discuss the series as much as you want! :grin:


frankly after '14, I found the stumpy and cool godzilla of that year fantastic.

As for classics? I think that maybe Millenium Godzilla or 80s godzilla nice A nice monster would be something like, say, Biollante or something.


A topic about Godzilla?




Personally, The original 1954 is one of, and if not my favourite Godzilla Movie.
Also, I'm really hyped for the new Godzilla Resurgence Movie and the American one (Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah :smiley: )


Someone finally made this.

Favorite movie: Godzilla 2000: Millennium, It was my first Godzilla film I remember watching.

Favorite Kaiju: Godzilla. No one can beat the king of monster except for Destoroyah and maybe a few others.

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to be honest

I never got into godzilla until I ventured onto the web

before hand I lived with...

American Godzilla 1/Zilla

while I'm okay with his existence now, I agree new American and the Japanese original monster are powerhouses

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After his name change, I actually like Zilla a bit more, but I never really did like the movie.
Also, one of the best monsters ever:

Gabara, The Dream Bully Monster!


I have wanted for a while to watch a bunch of the old Japanese ones...

What are you waiting for?

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But then I would have to find a way to watch them, and that might cost money, and YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME!


Though seriously, I think it's worth while watching the older films, though it can get... Goofy (I think it's awesome)


Anyway I love some of the old Japanese Godzilla films. They can get quite funny at times. And have some interesting monster designs.

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Yes, including a giant radioactive dinosaur that slowly turned goofy, a giant armadillo, an ape, a giant moth, a pterodactyl, a three headed dragon, a lobster, a mantis, a spider, a dream bully monster, a blob, a giant cyborg cyclops chicken, a drill-armed insect, a dog lion thing, a robot dinosaur, and some kind of seahorse-dinosaur hybrid

And don't forget about Destoroyah, what ever the heck he was.

I wouldn't consider him old, as I mentioned every single monster from the first Showa series. He looked so awesome though. Since he's Hesiei, that would include a giant dinosaur-flower human thingy, another three headed dragon, another moth, a flying demon insect thing, another pterodactyl, another robot dinosaur, a baby dinosaur, a space dinosaur, a giant robot mole, and Destoroyah, the demon thingy of epicness. And of course a giant about-to-explode-or-melt-at-any-moment radioactive dinosaur
Also, Showa had Minilla, the demented-faced dinosaur thing

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Hmm... he was around before I was born, so his old in my book.

Yes... Yes he does.

Destoroyah fanboy detected. It's me...
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Hedorah is by far my favourite Kaiju, despite the obscurity of Godzilla vs Hedorah itself, simply for being genuinely creepy in concept and for actually being a legitimate treat to Goji.


Hedorah is awesome, I like his different forms. Though he was short-lived in Final Waes, at least they made reference to his eye injury from his first appearance in Godzilla vs Hedorah. Also, I found out like a year or 2 ago behind the idea for his eyes, it ain't pretty, and it's quite disturbing :confused:

THEN @GIF.Man.Ben , for the Milluenium Series, a giant green radioactive dinosaur, some kind of hulking giant radioactive alien, even more giant insect thingys, another giant moth, another three headed dragon, some kind of dog pig thing (also appeared in Showa series), a spoopy possessed giant radioactive dinosaur, another giant robot dinosaur, another giant radioactive dinosaur, another giant moth, a giant turtle thing that appeared for like 15 seconds, ANOTHER giant radioactive dinosaur, ANOTHER demented Minilla, a dragon thingy (also appeared in Showa), ANOTHER armadillo, ANOTHER dog lion thing, ANOTHER pterodactyl, ANOTHER spider, ANOTHER mantis, ANOTHER lobster, ANOTHER blob, ANOTHER giant cyborg cyclops chicken if epicness, an awesome monster thing that turns into ANOTHER three headed dragon, and.... Finally... A giant iguana...
Also, I can't say here what Hedorah's eyes are from, it's innappropiate.

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Hedorah was really Groovy, my 3rd favorite Kaiju in fact. 2nd being Destoroyah, and 1st being Godzilla himself.

I would like to know the meaning behind that eye man.


Oh then never mind.

I never saw the original Japanese movies but Godzilla will always have a special place in my childhood.
Also just had to post this


Kamoebas, from Space Amoeba ( he appeared briefly in Godzilla x Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS)
Also, you can go here for a full bio on Hedorah, and eventually you will find...it.. If you dare...

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