Godzilla Head Bust

This my take on the infamous King of the Monsters, taking small styling cues from his various incarnations and putting my own twist on him.

This is also my first digitally colored drawing using my new Wacom tablet.


I like it.
It's got the ears, the spikes, the glowing orange eyes; the snout's a little too Tyrannosaur-esque IMO, but it doesn't detract form the overall quality of the drawing.


I like this drawing more than I like the franchise.

This looks very good. Prime drawing, dude.

Eh, not really liking this. It doesn't look like Godzilla very much to me. It looks like a failed drawing of a T.Rex. :confused:

However, it does seem like you're really good at art, so I look forward to seeing other stuff you do. :smile:

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Godzilla isn't really green, he's more grayish or blackish.

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He looks cool
Though like others said
He's primarily black or grey
Though he was green with purple spikes in 2 movies, which looked cool.

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Thanks dudes :smile:
I was going to color him gray, but that changed when I made the back ground gray. lol
As for his T. Rex-ish appearance, I think the best way to explain that is a little bit of Stan Winston's Godzilla got into the design... http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131107091806/godzilla/images/e/e5/Enhanced-buzz-12883-1298027454-35.jpg

I guess you could say this is an update on Hanna-Barbera's animated Godzilla from the 70's http://photos.auctionanything.com/x/9186/godzilla2a.jpg

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Doesn't "Bust" refer to statues?
It looks nice, but the spikes on his neck look a little smaller IMO
But the rest is great

To me saying bust sounds better than saying headshot...
I mean, headshot sounds like BOOOM! I just blew that guy's head off with one shot..but that's just me...maybe...boom.