Godzilla/Pacific Rim Crossover movie?

I think that having a crossover film would be quite interesting, either, Godzilla gets thrown out of the fight, or that he’s the one who outbalances it and shoot the kaiju out of the water, or more accurately, send them back in! People can feel free to share their ideas!


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It going to more like Godzilla/King Kong/Rodan/Mothra/King Ghidorah/Pacific Rim.

Hopefully it will directed by Michael Bay.

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please no, he’d focus on the humans and have about 5 minutes of Godzilla and the robots
angrily glares at the transformers movies


I am excited for the movie but I think that king kong shouldn’t be in the movie if they keep him the same size as in the king kong movie from 2005. He would be much smaller then everyone else and it wouldn’t be a fair fight. if they make him larger which they would probably do then I would be fine with it. I think it will be a movie of epic proportions and it would be ruined if Michael bay got his hands on it. I think guillermo del toro directed it it would be just as good as pacific rim if not better.