Gold good guy 2: Gooder and guyer than ever! (Turaga Lhikan revamp)

My revamp of the Gold good guy set aka Turaga Lhikan! I have seen this Turaga design (Using a Bohrok foot as the body) a couple of times before and wanted to make a moc out of it so I made this.

A shot from the back.

His super simple shield.

Here he is with his fire cane... I mean fire staff. (Sorry the pic is so blurry)

The piston piece acts as a sheathe for the real staff which can then be used as a random gun which IDK why I added. (Sorry the pic is blurry)

And finnaly him with the real staff. Thanks for viewing my moc please leave constructive criticism.


That's really good! The waist is a bit thin though, and the feat could be better.


This can't be good guy. It looks too cool.


has no metru hau
Wait, it has a gun?


Lol, it was a joke, I really like the guy
also, dont double post

( to fix it, delete the other post, and edit your main post with the reply, but do @ )

Solid colour shceme, except maybe for the staff. Gun's an awesome feature. Pertains to the official set. Overall really cool and best part, no exposed ball joints! smiley

Great job! 10/10


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totally not currently modifying this into my own turaga design.
(if you don't mind I mean, hehe)

the fact that a moc this small has a waist if amazing! good job.

I would believe he is a great interpretation of Turaga Lhikhan! He needs his robe though, the easiest way to get that is to get some construction paper, or cloth, and cut away!

Good-er and guy-er, but not gold-er? -1.1/-1 smiley



In all seriousness, I actually really like this MoC. Schway torso build is schway.



Thanks. But I didn't make this design. Idk who did but who ever did is a genius.

@Veltraxx Now I might just have to try that.

You hurt my feelings.


Have you tried it?
Or did you scrap the MOC?

This guy is long gone :stuck_out_tongue:

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