Gold Mask Contest Entry: Centaur

So, I have four MOCs in store for the Battle For the Gold Mask contest, and I have decided to update you all on my progress as I build. I have one MOC built. As of now it's a sketch MOC, to get a feel for how the finished product will look.

I'm very happy with how the human part of the MOC turned out, and the basic shape of the horse torso is good, albeit a bit bony, I think. The front hooves really work in my opinion, but as I have only two of those wave-1 HF armor pieces, I'll have to find a different design so all of the hooves look more uniform. There are two features I really want to implement into the MOC: a gear function, and the ability to stand on the two back hooves with stability.

As you can see, when standing up, he's a bit too large for my small little setup! I'll hopefully have some more pictures uploaded when the finished product is complete!


he's a bit spindly.

although I'm not one to talk

I agree with the above statement,

Looks beter than my colorful sketch mocs. smiley

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I'm just gonna take a guess and say you guys have never seen horse legs before.

They're pretty thin. -_-


Cool idea. I'd love to see it with a little more armour, but that is just my personal preference.

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Yes, but the body is also spindly. Also, I like the front feet, but that staff... kinda leaves something to be desired.
I keep thinking this model looks awkward. Then I remember that centaurs, as a species, look awkward.


Holy crud. I was totally telling myself that, if I were to enter the contest, I'd be totally unique and build a centaur.

So much for that idea.

/*defenestrates bonkles collection*


Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'm grateful for the comments and I'll definitely be beefing up the MOC in the coming days. With the sketch, I tried to use as little technic as possible, so I wouldn't be spending hours building.

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