Gold Star Takanuva

Today I made what will perhaps be my final visit to the lego shop before I go off to college, so I wanted to make sure it was worth it. Well it sure was, and I’m excited to show off some of the things I found.
First, I found a few gold parts, which I integrated into an updated Takanuva Metru.

I also found this large blade from…i think it’s Gresh? It made a good scythe stand in for his staff of light.

But really, I’d like to use those white Metru parts for other Mocs, and I still have the stars pieces to work with. So I brought the gold parts to the 2010 frame.

I love how the gold looks on stars ‘nuva. Really makes him pop. I don’t have a golden Avohkii, but at the same time that mask is a darker gold than the armor parts so it would stick out like a sore thumb. I’m not painting my silver one because I love my tuyet moc, so I think the glittery mask will serve him well.

Gave him some studs for extra “light power” detail, and figured out a decent build for his smaller staff of light. It may not be silver, though it is the same pearl gold. I also gave him white hands.

I was even able to give Takanuva a back plate like my original silver revamp.

Also, I got a the Metru kanohi Huna. I finally have a Macku, or at least something close. I’m definitely gonna try and make some cute scenes with Macku and Hewkii later on. For now, that’s some of what I got from my “last run”. I look forward to posting the other stuff soon.


oh very nice!

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Looks good! I like the glitter mask and gold armor, nice moc

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The glittery mask looks pretty interesting with the translucent head shining through. Cool mocs


love the way the mask and head look!

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