Gold Wave

Goldwave is a chief science officer used in deep space exploration. His main goal is to obtain knowledge to use against any enemies he encounters during his travels across the universe. His main weapons are a sonic machine gun, high powered vaporizing cannon, a double-barreled mega amplitude sound blaster, and mini drones. Alternating between a satellite and a super attack shuttle, he can either gather intelligence or blow the enemy away.


Just because it’s a BIOformer and the ship mode looks super cool, I give this my like. I can’t give criticism on it, because I’m not familiar enough with transforming MOCs to really contribute anything of value, but I can certainly say that it looks cool.

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Looks great in both forms but, more gold is needed

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how’s this? the results of a major refit and over haul.this also vareant of my self moc.


Looks like an improvement, is he a shrunken or plane, but seriously nice transformation , you are really good

what is a shrunken? he is a space ship, scout class.

I emanating shuriken it was auto correct, personally if I had it and showed it to my family they would throw it every where