Golden Knights Of Vesper

Here is my newest creation! the Golden Knight of Vesper. In my main story, these guys where loyal to Lord Garun Goldfire(distant grandfather of Faust aka Lucas Goldfire) there armor is potrayed as being inhumanly heavy to the point of it being impossible to wield with human strength alone. However, when the golden nomads(the last three anthers, aka an arch human) forsaw this armor, they bestowed magi steel to them, which made the armor lighter, but only to the point they needed strength training. if you wanna know more just ask.


@Bricker thank you for the feedback. i only did this because i felt the colors would drain from the gold luster, also i feel gray was perfect for the cover.

A little basic in some parts, but looks nice

He’s a bit lanky for me, honestly. Other than that I love the colors.


Nice work dude.

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Well built but needs a rendering program to help me distinguish some of the features.

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@Kardax thanks for feedback. i will look into one.

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I suppose I should give some more feedback, colours are fine, not much of a problem unless you count painting pieces to build an IRL moc, completely solid build except for two parts (and I feel these are nitpicks) the 2 small ccbs shells on the sides of the torso and those blade pieces over the hips feel a little out of place. The pelvis overall is were this moc falters most in it’s design. Weapon and shield are great but perhaps add a little detail to the shield, up to you.

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