Golden mask Kopaka HF Build system moc

I took ins pertain from the leaked images and exaggerated some features. I only with I had an actual Kopaka mask though.

But is was a fun build and I think it turned out pretty good in the end.


"Do you even lift bro?" In Kopaka's case, the answer is yes.


Oh lord, the English hurts . . .


The Engrish you mean?

Some one set us up the bomb.

We get signal.

Inspiration is what I ment. Now I'm wondering what I typed in to get that. (Chuckle to myself)

He's buff.

Can you post the instructions to this MOC?

wait, where'd those silver Crasts come from?

what is with you and English man? stuck_out_tongue

It called typing one handed on a tablet with arm fully extended, plus I was tired, so I missed the errors in my once over read.

From Thoratus set # 8995

cool. I may have to pick one of those masks up from Bricklink

The build is similar to stormer XL's build.


where can i get those pieces?

Stormer breakout and brain attack
Rocka breakout and brain attack
And some other pieces I don't know.
Or you could try finding them on brick link of some site like that. Whatever works out best.

ok thanks wink

The shield os mostly from the Thoratus set 8995

They were on the Bara Magna vehicle.... The tan one, in the movie... God, what was that called?

The Leg-End Reborn?

Kopaka smash!