Golden Power

So, according to the Overlord in Ninjago Rebooted, the remains of the 4(8) Golden Weapons are the only remnants of Golden Power ever since Lloyd gave his up.

However, in the filler season prior to the final battle, we saw that Ninjago holds a locations known as the Golden Peaks.

The Golden Peaks had power enough to merge the energies of the original four golden weapons together into the Mega Weapon.

The Golden Peaks are said to be the place where the weapons were forged in the first place, so I have to wonder, do they possess a source of power?

Another possible theory I have is that The Golden Peaks possess so much Golden Power that even a being like the Overlord could not control.


Based on my very limited current knowledge of the series

From the wiki;
"The Golden Peaks are a landmark in the world of Ninjago where the Golden Weapons were created, as well as the Mega Weapon. They are a series of mountains that includes a large volcano with unusual golden-colored lava in its crater."

I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the golden-colored lava in its crater is some form of pure liquid version of the 'golden power', potentially too volatile for many to control. The Overlord had the skill to merge the weapons poorly resulting in not fully mastering its powers limiting his use of the weapon and draining him.

As such I'm guessing the peaks have immense power, but it is incredibly difficult and dangerous to create items from it or even use it.


If there are more masters of the elements than just the ninja, could there be golden weapons for them too?

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I can only assume that there were only four due to those Four Elements being the only ones capable of forming the Tornado of Creation. I believe it has something to do with those four elements being prominent in the creation myth, mayhaps.

Could a tornado of creation be formed by any combination of four elements?

Considering that so far, we've seen that those four elements alone having a big connection to Golden Power, and Creation as a while(Such as the Temple of Light incident), I wanna say no.

But at the same time, we have seen very little from the other elements, so it's fair game.

I'd be willing to say maybe.

I wouldn't say that the golden power is derived from the gold itself, but rather the gold in the weapons is just very conducive to channeling elemental power. "Golden power" was what the weapons held when combined, as opposed to elemental power which is split. I think of it as being a prism; gold is the light, and the elements are the rainbow. Remember, the mega weapon was fully charged with golden power; it may not have been just the material, but the energy it possessed.

There also seems to be a tie between the elemental powers and Lloyd as displayed in episode one of the latest season. Not sure exactly what that implies, but it may play into the elemental vs gold thing somehow.

As for the Overlord thing, I doubt it. We have to consider that The Overlord and the FSM were equally matched in power; thus it wouldn't make sense for something the FSM created to be stronger than The Overlord. Furthermore; if there was more gold in the golden peaks, wouldn't he have tried to just take some of it from there rather than launching an entire space operation? Heck, he's even had previous experience mining for and weaponizing materials that have a direct weight on the balance.

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Oh yes, because the Writers for Ninjago have never had inconsistencies in the plot before.

Just ask Ultra Dragon, or the Elemental Swords.

rip Ultra Dragon. sob

Pretty sure the swords were destroyed when Lloyd corrected the balance; with the loss of that much darkness, removing a bit of power on the good side may have been necessary.

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RIP in peace those things

have no idea where any of you went

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My own thought is that the swords were drained of their Elemental properties, much like the Ninja themselves, when Lloyd attained his true Golden Power in the would-be Final Battle



We know that the first spinjitzu master forged the weapons.

But where did he get the materials?

I think it was a special metal. He had to travel to the four corners of Ninjago to get them, then finally use the Golden Peaks to create the weapons.

The golden armor has currently been shattered into several pieces. If the ninja were to recollect said fragments, could they in turn repeat the process the first spinjitzu master preformed?