Golden Skinned Being discussion

going through my parts today, I noticed Irnakk's golden spine and had a realization. what if Irnakk wasn't a Skakdi fairy tale, but a prophecy, and he's the Golden-Skinned Being, drawn from Zaktan's mind when the Piraka fused? it would make sense, given that the character's toy was a fusion between 3 of the Piraka,


Its also possible that the skakdi tried to create irnakk but failed and resulted in something similar but a brand new being.


that is also possible

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The creation of the Gold Skinned Being is pretty gruesome if you think about it...


I never understood, what is it?

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What is the Golden Skinned Bring, or how was it created?

What is it?

Well, I probably wouldn't do a good job of explaining it, so I'll recommend this:

I think he is on to something. Think about it, Ekimu and some masks are golden and in a prophecy. Irnakk could be a prophecy to the matoran, and only told by toa or turaga. And it went like this, "Once three beings fuse, a new golden, mechanical monster will emerge from the flames and eventually destroy all in its path.

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I'm going off on a tangent here, but why am I thinking of Viper right now? I saw this topic and she was the first thing that popped into my mind. I blame the piraka animations and Zaktann.

But yeah, interesting idea on Irnakk being related to the golden being.

Actually, yeah, the Golden Skinned Being being an attempt to make a real life version of Irnakk sounds pretty interesting. Head canon accepted.